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We Provide Occupational Health and Fitness for Industrial industries. We Specialize in Primary Health Care and Occupational Medicals.

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Occupational Medicals

Audiometry and Spirometry

Audiometry and Spirometry tests must be done according to the OHSACT ( Occupational Health and Safety Act) Part of the medical fitness assessment.

Vision Screening

A vision screening, also called an eye test, is a brief exam that looks for potential vision problems and eye disorders. Vision screenings are often done by primary care providers as part of a child’s regular checkup.

Multidrug & Cannabis Screening

A drug test looks for the presence of one or more illegal or prescription drugs in your urine, blood, saliva, hair, or sweat. Urine testing is the most common type.

Biological Monitoring

Biological Monitoring is the measurement and assessment of workplace agents or their metabolites either in tissues, secreta, excreta, expired air or any combination of these to evaluate exposure and health risk compared to an appropriate reference.

Ischiara Colour Screening

Do an Ishihara Color Blindness Test now to find out whether or not you are colour blind, and how severe your colour blindness is.


Hearing tests we use the KUDUWAVE then the employee does not need to go into a booth for hearing tests. Noise causes hearing loss and employees hearing need to be monitored.

Chronic Medication

The employees that work in the factories do not have time to get their chronic medication from their local clinic or doctor. This is medication like blood pressure meds and Sugar diabetes meds and ARVs.

Injury on Duty

All injury on duty needs to be reported to the department of labour. Forms must be filled in and if injuries are minor we can help them at the clinic on site.


Lung function test to monitor employees lungs for any diseases.

Family planning

All-female employees use contraceptives to not have unplanned children. We supply them with that.

Baby Wellness

Baby Wellness and Immunisations are done at the clinic. We help the young mothers to adapt to their new baby, weigh them regularly in the beginning.

Advise them about breastfeeding and Bottlefeeding.

We do vaccinations and immunisation on all the babies.

Primary Health Care


We also do the Baby Wellness Clinic. Immunisations and Ante Natal visits for Pregnant ladies. Help with breastfeeding and monitor babies to see if they have reached milestones.



Immunization shots, or vaccinations, are essential. They protect against sicknesses.


Pap Smear

Pap Smear is a procedure to test for cervical cancer in women.


Blood Pressure & Glucose Tests

A blood glucose test is used to find out if your blood sugar levels are in the healthy range.



Family Planning

People to attain their desired number of children and determine the spacing of pregnancies.


HIV Test And Counselling

There is a range of circumstances under which HIV testing occurs.



Ante Natal

Treat and prevent potential health problems throughout the course of the pregnancy.




Expert Care.


We Specialize in Occupational Fitness and Health for workers on construction sites. We have expert and professional experience in Occupational Health. We provide Audiometry tests and Spirometry (Lungfunctions) and all the tests needed for Category 1 and 2 medicals.

We have clinics at the next companies – Alpla, Nouwens Carpets, Monn Carpets, Maluti Bus Services in Phuthaditjaba and Loutrans Transport. We supply employees with chronic medicine and primary health care medicine, do wound care, family planning and help with Injury on Duty cases.

We also do Pick up Point for chronic medication supplied from Dept of Health.

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